Day Rate - £250

Standard Hours are 11am - 8pm. But our general rule is what we decide to achieve in a day, we’ll aim to get done. Track count varies hugely between different projects, so let us know what you hope to do and we can advise. Discounts are provided for multiple day bookings. Full days or multiple days include additional mixing time for no extra cost. Want a bargain? Try your luck.

Half day (5 hours) - £140

Half days are good for solo artists, live recordings or for finishing off a project. Don’t expect to be doing a whole album in this time. Mixing tweaks may be provided outside of a half day recording for no extra cost. Just ask nicely. Oh, and book two half days and we’ll knock £30 off! But how is that even a deal I hear you ask. Well, I’ll field this one if I may, it would be a deal if you wanted two separate half day sessions. I call this booking a Kevin Bacon. Feel free to make up your own deals. Be creative.


Our great sounding live room is available for rehearsal slots of five hours and upwards. Refreshments are available including locally-roasted and freshly ground coffee.

A PA and microphones are provided with your booking and further backline can be hired from us. There is also a grand piano for your Elton moments. Please ask if you require anything in particular.


Brief summary:

Toft ATB 24 Channel Analog Desk - Sonodyne SRP 400 - Sonodyne SRP 800 - Antelope Audio Orion 32 Channel Interface - 8 Rupert Neve Design pre-amps - 2 Warm Audio WA12 pre-amps - Warm Audio WA-76 FET Compressor - Warm Audio EQP-WA Tube EQ - Universal Audio 6176 pre-amp/compressor - Drawmer Stereo Gate - Drawmer Stereo Compressor - AKG C414-EB pair - Sony C800 Valve Mic - Coles 4050 Stereo-matched Ribbon Mics - Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon Mic - Lewitt DTP 640 Dual Mic - AKG D12 - Shure 57s, 58s, Beta 57 - Sennheiser 421s - Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina -

Tama Starclassic full drum kit - Sonor Phonic full drum kit - DW brass snare -

Ludwig 302 snare - Gretsch Wooden Hoop snare - Tama Starphonic snare - Tama SLP snare -

Zildjian cymbals - Paiste Cymbals - Byzantine Cymbals - K Cymbals -

Winkelmann Grand Piano -

Fender Twin Reverb - Mywatt 2oo - Barefaced Cabs - Badcat Hot Cat 30 Valve Amp - Trace Elliot - Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 Head - Marshall Vintage 4 X 12 Cab -

Selection of guitars and basses - Gibson/Fender/Moon Large selection of pedals -

Pro Tools 11 - Waves/UAD/Slate Digital Plugins - I hope you learnt something.